Ghosts- An illusion?

Recently I have been binge-watching supernatural . Its all about demons , devils , ghosts etc. This led me to the thought that whether ghosts really exist or no? Are they just illusions?

Personally i have never experienced any such thing but when you search about it
lot of people have experienced it . Now if you ask google , it says that ghosts are disembodied spirits . This made sense to me since i have my very own theory about human body.

According to me we humans are very much like machines but a bit too advanced .
Imagine a mobile phone, like mobile phones have their body and battery I feel that we human beings have our body and soul respectively.

PicsArt_06-25-12.29.02.jpg The food that we eat is like the charge we supply to our mobile phones .PicsArt_06-25-12.29.37.jpg

A battery runs the device to put it into other words battery is what that drives the device similarly it could be said that soul or spirit is what that drives our body . So when a human being loses its spirit its body is unable to function on its own and it starts to decompose .PicsArt_06-25-12.33.49.jpg

But what if just the body is damaged and the soul is still fine , like batteries it has to find a new device where it can fit but since our body starts decomposing almost instantly there is no body left without its soul for the soul to enter .According to me these souls that don’t have their bodies anymore are what we call as ghosts or spirits.PicsArt_06-25-12.38.58.jpg

This just my point of view and i have more theories which i would like to share later.
Also if you have your own theories regarding ghosts feel free to comment or hit me up on any of the social media platforms.

PS. Don’t judge my English, it’s not my first language and it’s not something i pay a lot of attention to.

Peace out.



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