Enough is enough!

The title is in response to my blogging frequency. I wrote my first blog and told my self this will be a regular thing, but after just that one blog i completely stopped writing. Maybe it was because of my final year of diploma(that’s what i would like you all to believe) but to be honest it was my laziness.

When my final exams started(diploma 6th sem)instead of studying i wasted time in day dreaming about how am going to spend my vacations by being invested on myself, that personality development and shit. It’s 23rd of June today exactly 45 days have passed since my exams and all i have done is – and i quote “GHANTA” .

According to my plans i already was a successful youtuber or a blogger or at-least i had six packs (which i am pretty close btw since no college = no pocket money = no junk food, hence starving), i can only laugh at it now. The saddest part of all this is i had to see my phone to check what date it is today .

Anyways the point is i dint follow whatever plan i had, maybe it would’ve worked maybe not. But i dint bother to check and honestly i didn’t commit myself into doing things that i was supposed to do . Now i am completely frustrated that nothing is happening in my life it’s almost like i am stuck in a loop, everyday is same, feels same, no improvement and everyday is more and more becoming a painful reminder that i am not successful yet. Fuck success i don’t even have anything interesting going on.

Thus i snapped out of it and told myself ” Enough is enough, i have to get a hold of myself maybe its not too late to start something”, hence this blog.
From now on i will try to write at least one blog a day be it completely off-topic because i believe in consistency and i think i can get somewhere by continuously posting stuff.

PS. Don’t judge my English, it’s not my first language and it’s not something i pay a lot of attention to.

Peace out.

via Daily Prompt: Commit


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