Time Travel – Time as a physical dimension ( a brief discussion)

As human beings we always have regrets regarding our pasts , there are certain things that we want to change . At such times we wonder can we go back in time and change what happened that day or at that instance , at such occasions as a science enthusiast I always think about the term ‘Time travel’.

People who are fond of Flash the tv series are aware about the theory of time travel , they have related time travel with time . The show states that if you can attain a certain velocity you can jump through timelines , thus you can travel through time .

Interstellar a Nolan classic (must watch) illustrated time as a separate physical dimension . By making time a physical dimension it became possible to exert force through time , thus giving you the ability to manipulate time.

Now , all these time travel theories are quite complex and difficult to understand.For small minds like me I consider time travel in a simpler manner.
If i move my pen from position A to B then move it back from B to A , its going back in time for me . But actually its just reversing the displacement . Now to obtain a complete time travel I will have to consider the reverse displacement of each and every cell , atom , etc in this world . Now to explain it more clearly
On 3rd August 2016 at 10 hrs 30 mins 4 sec if i freeze the whole world in its position ( consider it as a video’s frame ) and then note the position and alignment of each and every thing up to cellular and atomic level , I can go back to 3rd august 2016 10 hrs 30 mins 4 sec whenever I want by aligning every cell and atom in the way they were at that instance back in time .

I made it sound too easy but practically its impossible . However when i relate it with the theory of time being a physical dimension I imagine that time as a physical dimension is a huge library that contains folders and files where position or address of each and every cell and atom are noted down for every instance of second or nano second and if you are able to access that file or folder you will be taken into that instance .

Now whether your whole physical body will be ported or just your consciousness is for the next discussion . Follow and be updated with my posts.

PS. don’t judge my English or grammar bcoz I am poor and i am doing Engineering
if you have any such thoughts feel free to reply below
peace out!


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